Why use a pet monitor?

If you have heard people talking about pet monitor devices or have been thinking lately about buying a pet monitor device for your own personal use, you might be looking for some ideas about how a pet monitor will benefit you. Pet owners might choose to use a pet monitor for a variety of reasons, which I will outline below.

To talk to your pet

Multiple pet monitor options come with a two-way talk feature that allows you to hear your pet and to talk back to them. If you see your dog start chewing on a pillow, you could use the two-way talk feature to talk to them and tell them to stop ripping the stuffing out of that pillow!

To see your pet while you are away

It’s fun to be able to check in and see your pet who you love so dearly! It really is fun to be able to log into your pet monitor account and check in on your fur baby throughout the day and to make sure that your pet is doing OK. People absolutely love their pets and it is just fun to take a little break during your day and check in to see how cute your pet is being at home.

To handle pet behavioral problems

A pet monitor can be used to hear if your dog is barking a lot during the day or if your cat spends time meowing loudly, especially if you live in a condo or apartment building and you are worried about the possibility of your neighbors complaining about your pet.

You can also use the pet monitor to see if your pet is behaving themselves and if they are just simply lying down in your queen size bed, in their dog or cat bed, on the couch, or on the floor. Being able to check in on your pet allows you to be able to make sure that your dog is not tearing up your pillows and ripping up the carpet while you are not home. You will be able to see the types of things they get into (pillows, the trash, counter surfing, your underwear drawer, etc), so that you will know what you need to put away in a closet next time you leave your home so that your pet will not ruin any of your possessions in the future.

As a home monitoring system in case of an emergency

A great thing about a pet monitor is that it can actually offer you multiple uses. You can use it as a home security device. If you go on vacation and you will be away from your home for the weekend or for an entire week, you can have your pet monitor turned on so that you will be able to check in on your home while you are away. The majority of pet monitor devices have smartphone apps which will send a notification to your smartphone if motion is detected by your pet monitor. If you receive a notification about motion being detected you can open up the mobile app on your smartphone and see if there is an intruder in your home who caused the motion detector to activate.

Above all else, a pet monitor truly offers you peace of mind! You are able to check in on your pet and rest assured that they are safe and sound.

There are a few other pet monitor devices on the market today that are not just cameras to use for the purpose of checking in on your pet while you are away from home. These other pet monitor devices include GPS trackers that you can put on your pet’s collar in case they get out of your house, there are various pet monitor devices that can be used for the purpose of tracking your pet’s health, and also there are many interactive toys you can use with your pet. Please check out the menu at the top of this page for more in depth details and reviews about these other pet monitor devices that are available.