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The PetChatz pet monitor allows you to face chat with your pet!

How cool would it be to FaceTime with your dog or cat!? The PetChatz pet monitor device will allow you to do just that!


Cool Features

  • 2-Way Video and Audio – This amazing features allows you to have a face to face chat with your pet!
  • Pet-safe design – The device attaches securely to your wall with no corners, sharp edges, or cords for your pet to chew.
  • Treat dispenser – When you’re chatting with your pet, you can hit the treat button in the PetChatz app and it will dispense a treat for your dog.
  • Aromatherapy dispenser – Release a soothing scent to help calm and relieve an anxious, scared or nervous pet.
  • DOGTV – If you have a subscription to DOGTV, you can let it stream on the screen so your dog can watch TV while you are away.

An image with arrows pointing out of the features of the PetChatz pet monitor device


  • The PawCall is a button which will dispense a treat for your pet and send you a message telling you that your pet would like to chat.
  • The PetChatz PawCall is a special accessory you can use with your PetChatz camera. You can buy the PawCall separately here.


Dog stepping on PawCall button for the PetChatz pet monitor

Petcube Bites

The Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser is a great choice for a pet monitor!

With the Petcube Bites set up in your home you will be able to see your pet in real time and interact with them! This pet monitor is unique in that it allows you to dispense treats for your pet.

Petcube Bites Black on a Desk

Cool Features

  • Treat dispenser! – You can interact with your pet and reward your pet with treats while you’re away from home.
  • Alexa integration – If you have the Amazon Echo or Dot, you will be able to use your voice to dispense treats for your pet or use your voice to reorder more treats.
  • Automatic Treat Reordering (optional) – The Petcube Bites pet monitor has built-in sensors to monitor the treat supply, so when the treat supply is running low you will receive a notification on the Petcube app which will allow you to instantly reorder the treats.

3 Color options of the Petcube Bites Pet Monitor

Main Features

  • Clear 1080p HD video.
  • 3x digital zoom.
  • Night vision – you can see your pet clearly even in low light and no-light conditions.
  • 2-way audio – You can hear your pets and you’re able to talk to them and say “good boy” when you dispense a treat for them.
  • Sound and motion alerts sent to your smart phone.
  • Compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy treats and the recommended size of the treats is larger than 0.3 inches and less than 1 inch in size.
  • The Petcube Bites camera is a nice, modern looking device which is available in three colors – black, silver, or rose gold.
  • Free Petcube app and easy setup for iOS or Android.

Petcube Care cloud video recording service

  • Optional subscription service with 24/7 video cloud recording.
  • The video recording is triggered by sound and motion.

Petcube Play

The Petcube Play is a fantastic choice for a pet monitor. This particular pet monitor raised over $300,000 with their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this new pet camera!


With the Petcube set up in your home you will be able to watch, talk to, and play with your pet in real time.

Petcube Play Pet Monitor

Cool Features

  • Built in laser! – While you’re away you will be able to play a real life game of laser tag with your pet by just swiping your finger across your phone screen. You also have the ability to schedule an autoplay mode while you are away.
  • Chew proof cord! – As pet owner’s, we all know how useful this feature is! It will eliminate the potential frustration of having your pet chew through the cord and ruin the device.
  • Sleek, modern design – This little cube will look nice in your home wherever you decide to put it: TV stand, book case, countertop, etc.
  • Night vision – If you leave for work early in the morning before the sun comes up or if you’re going out for the night, you’ll still be able to check in on your pets and see a clear video of them.

Main features

  • 1080p video – This clear 1080p HD video image has a 138 degree wide-angle view and a 3x digital zoom.
  • 2-Way Audio – You can talk to your pets if you want to tell them to get off the couch, for example, and you can listen in and see what your pets are up to.
  • Fast and simple set up on your iOS and Android app.
  • Get sound and motion notification alerts sent to your smart phone.
  • Three color options – The body of the Petcube Play comes in black, silver, or rose gold.

Petcube Play Three Color Options

Petcube Care cloud video recording service

  • An optional service which allows you to review and rewind 10 or 30 days of video history.
  • A free 30 day trail is included with purchase.