The PetChatz pet monitor allows you to face chat with your pet!

How cool would it be to FaceTime with your dog or cat!? The PetChatz pet monitor device will allow you to do just that!


Cool Features

  • 2-Way Video and Audio – This amazing features allows you to have a face to face chat with your pet!
  • Pet-safe design – The device attaches securely to your wall with no corners, sharp edges, or cords for your pet to chew.
  • Treat dispenser – When you’re chatting with your pet, you can hit the treat button in the PetChatz app and it will dispense a treat for your dog.
  • Aromatherapy dispenser – Release a soothing scent to help calm and relieveĀ an anxious, scared or nervous pet.
  • DOGTV – If you have a subscription to DOGTV, you can let it stream on the screen so your dog can watch TV while you are away.

An image with arrows pointing out of the features of the PetChatz pet monitor device


  • The PawCall is a button which will dispense a treat for your pet and send you a message telling you that your pet would like to chat.
  • The PetChatz PawCall is a special accessory you can use with your PetChatz camera. You can buy the PawCall separately here.


Dog stepping on PawCall button for the PetChatz pet monitor